Monday, 31 October 2011

To bee or not to bee a fox. That is the question.

Hello Readers!

Apologies for the terrible title. You'll see what I mean when you see this next set of claws I got my paws on. Remember I said female relatives were queueing up for some pampering? Weelll cue in my sister and her friend who visited from Brighton Uni at the weekend and BAM! Offers for blank nail canvases. They both have much smaller nails than me so it was interesting to work with a smaller area!

My sis plumped for some of my new love interests, the rhinestones and her fave colour yellow:

H&M cheapy yellow, ebay rhinestones and goldish fox ring sister purchased from the BINTM live event at the Excel
On the other hand (no, literally on her other hand) sis opted for a bee design, which I painted on with the Model's Own black WAH pen. I decided to do a cute little trajectory of the bee's flightpath on the other nails like so:

Topped off of course with a little Seche Vite. 

Next up, sister's friend who we shall call D, saw photos of my ladybird design (I shall post it in due time) and loved it so we decided for a little variation on the nails with a little help from my new found proficiency in the wielding of a dotting tool. Like so:

All 3 of us were almost overcome by cuteness when we saw these little ladybirds on their leaf. What do you think?? Cute or what??

We ended up having a bit of a nail catwalk. Don't even ask. 

Wig Wam xx

I don't like animals but I like guinea pigs for my artistic stylings.

Hellooo Readers! 

These past few days have been a bit nail-centric on the family front. Suddenly all female relatives have realised that I quite like doing other people's nails, and I have been inundated with requests! 

So my auntie asked for something different and gave me free reign. Which of course means trying out my new dotting tools!! Now, I don't know if any of you own dotting tools but I was a bit sceptical at first. They are literally little metal rods with balls on the end (like ziiis one over here) and I thought PAH I can make my own. Buut I couldn't be bothered so voila - dotting tools ahoy! 

In the end I used 2 coats of my colour of the moment (the turquoise Rimmel number) with a cheapo H&M yellow. I have since realised that to be successful with a dotting tool you have to have quite a bit of polish on the end. Not soo much that it is dripping, but a good amount! I finished them off with a bit of Seche Vite to lock it all in place. Sadly auntie decided to take 4 month old cousin for a bath and ruined the old nails.

And TA-DA!! Here are the finished nails (unfortunately post said incident):

Wig Wam xx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Elephant nails

A couple of weeks ago I visited my sister at Uni in Brighton, and when out shopping in Boots I spotted the Model's Own WAH nail art pen. Obviously I had to buy it. My sister offered herself as the guinea pig on my first go on the pen, and this is what I came up with:

If only she had an extra nail to make his tail!! I used H&M nail varnish in grey which was surprisingly good value for 99p. I have reports that this design stayed on for a good few weeks and received many a compliment from my sis's design mates.

Wig Wam xx

The moment when something so bad is so good!!

Some call it chavvy, some call it bling but whatever it is I like it!!! I like to think I can pull off a bit of a chav look. I refer here to a massive metallic gold Playboy bag with quilted hearts on it and also to a metallic pink pair of Reebok high tops. I have worn both items with flair (I think) and it was with this in mind that I made these nails:

With two coats of Rimmel Pro in Urban Purple, I attached these little rhinestones I got off ebay (for a mere £2.95) with some nail glue. I had never really used nail glue before and it resulted with me gluing my nail to my finger for a few days, but aside from that it was a successful move! With a little bit of Seche Vite on top for the shine, the look was complete! What do you think? Too chav?

Wig Wam xxx

PS As a side note I would say to only put a tiny layer of Seche Vite on top as I pretty much flooded the rhinestones with it and got a bit clogged up with it! Use sparingly!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mani mani mani, must be funny... in a rich man's world!!

Aside from the terrible title (and quite frankly a Dad joke) here's another nail sesh I had a few weeks ago. It was with a little inspiration from lovely Jane at Nailside that I gave it a go. It is not as hard as it looks, but I have to say it took a pretty long time (which is why I shyed away from repeating it on my aunties nails, ha!). It pretty much involves putting down some semi-opaque sellotape (you know those ones where you can see exactly where it's stuck down) on your nails in creative ways. One thing I found is that you should always stick the sellotape to your skin (wrist seemed to work best) about 3 times before sticking it to your nails cos otherwise it's a total mess!! And this is what resulted! What do you think?

Wig Wam xx

Monday, 24 October 2011

Oo first post. How exciting!

Helloo internet readers!

Having spent the last 4 weekends holed up at home thanks to a ridiculous number of consecutive colds, I became a little hermit being forced to live vicariously through the medium of the internet. I had of course, heard of blogs and blogging but never thought much of it until faced with not being allowed out of the house for fear of making the colds worse. After coming across many a wonderful blog (mostly about nails, fashion, beauty and cute DIY ideas) I thought why not give it a try myself?? Everybody needs a little creative outlet don't they? So here is my first little (or not so little) post just to ease me into the kingdom of blog world. Tis my first go at proper nail art. Leopard-print stylee. I hope you like!

Wig Wam xx

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