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Yes babies! Welcome to the section of the blog where Agony Aunt Wig Wam solves nail nightmares and turns them into a distant memory with some tried and tested advice.

This is whole page dedicated to nail tips (excuse the pun) that I have discovered over the years painting my nails. I hope you find this useful! For now it is a small-ish list but I will be updating it every so often. Agony Aunt Wig Wam's doors are always open so for all those out there who need a problem solved. If you have a problem, I'm your tent for the job.

Problem: Agh no, I've managed to paint everywhere BUT my nails. What do I do??

Solution: Ugh! The biggest threat to nail beauty! How mortifying. Fear not! If this happens to you a lot (I'm guessing most of us unless you are a genius at polish) just make sure you paint your nails before you have a hot bath or shower. The heat actually makes the polish peel off your skin. If you're washing your hair it's even better. The rinsing action of your fingers helps ease the polish off gently.
NB. Make sure your nails are dry and not squidgy before doing this!!
Problem: My nails take AGES to dry. What can I do to speed this up?
Solution: Through trial and error, I've found that a few things work.

  1. Dancing around the house waving arms up and down. Doing this to music is optional. Exercise + great nails = double rainbow!!
  2. Wait for each layer of polish to dry a little longer than you usually would, before applying the next layer.
  3. Use fast-drying top coats. They really help! 
Problem: Whenever I try to do a sellotape mani, the lines never come out as clean as I want them to.

Solution: ONLY use opaque sellotape for tape manis (see right). Normal shiny sellotape does NOT work. When using opaque tape, stick and re-stick the piece to your skin (I use my wrist) as this makes the tape less sticky and easier to pull off. Once you have painted polish over the tape, remove it straight away. This will all make the lines look clean and not messy. Handy tip: place pre cut tape strips on a non-porous surface such as a plastic tabletop for easy reach when doing your mani.

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