What's the wig wam stuff about?

I bet you're thinking "what's with this wig wam thing?! It has NOTHING to do with nails!!"

It's cos I wanna be mysterious innit!

I joke! No, in my household I have had about 100 different nick names, and the one that was most popular at the time of starting this blog was Wig Wam. You can thank my sister Figgy for that!!! She has since morphed that name into Wig, Weeg, Veeg and now bizarrely Veeg Gel. That one is particularly crazy. And that's where the wig wam bit comes from. Plus, I am internet shy and would rather keep my whole face off this blog and not have my real name flying about. If it works for Stefani Germanotta and Calvin Cordozar Broadus (Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg to you and me) then it works for moi.

But I can almost hear you shouting in frustration at the screen "but you haven't explained the blog title!!! It makes no sense!!"

Well dear friends, after a little research with my mate google, I found that wig wams and teepees are simply different housing structures and settled on that quirky fact as the title.
So why is a wig wam not a teepee? I have no idea.

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