Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Moooooon Cup!

Hey Everyone!

So this is just a super quick post to explain the little link that I've placed on my blog on the right, just under the lovely followers section. You may have clicked through and thought: "WHAT THE HELL?! This has nothing to do with nails!!!!" So I am going to explain why I've put it there! It's a link to the Moon Cup website. For those of you who have never heard of a Moon Cup it's basically a safer, more hygienic, cheaper and more eco-friendly tampon style thing. Sounds a little gross but seriously I have never looked back since buying one! (Eek that sounds like a sales pitch. It totally isn't. I just really think more women should use them!)

 Together with a few other female friends, we think the Moon Cup is fabbety fab (borderline revolutionary!!) and soo much nicer than tampons! Ok so before everyone is a bit too grossed out I will let you click on the link to find out more if you so wish, otherwise I will stop blabbering on and get back to nail-posts in the coming days!!!

Wig Wam xx


  1. Wow that's interesting...
    I don't see the link on the right side though...maybe it's my web browser? I'm using google chrome. I do want to check out this Moon Cup product though lol

    1. Oh that's annoying!! I'm using chrome and I can see it. Maybe I explained it wrong. It's a long photo of a white flower and it says Moon Cup at the bottom. Better?


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