Friday, 29 June 2012

Hay fever survival MIRACLE products - for serious!!!

Heeey Eeveryone!!

Depending on where you are looking at this screen and reading this, you may or not be suffering from the dreaded ailment of the summer: HAYFEVER!!!!

For those of you who have it and are in the northern hemisphere, like me you will be having a hellish time in what should be a lovely happy season. In the UK it has come on strong this year. More and more people are having a frankly crappy quality of life as it really can make you quite miserable. To give you an idea: I went through a whole box of kleenex super balm tissues in 2 days with a super streamy nose, and was sneezing twice a minute at least!!

But now I feel SOOO much better thanks to 3 magical products. I will take you through them with the hope that it will help you (or anyone you know with hay fever) in this bittersweet season.

1. Neti pot
My neti pot. I bought mine here
I got this recommended by my uncle who uses a neti pot every day. I think it is used a lot by people who practice yoga and want to cleanse themselves, but it is increasingly being used for sinus problems and allergies. A neti pot is a little genie lamp style thing that washes out your sinuses. Brilliant for getting all the grime and muck out, and especially great for people with hay fever as it clears your sinuses of evil pollen and pollution.

The way you use it is you fill it with warm water and a teaspoon of sea salt (never iodised salt). You should always use pre boiled or distilled water (I have NO idea where to buy distilled water so I use boiled). You then put the end in one of your nostrils and let all the warm salty water pour out of the other one. 

This video below is really helpful and shows you how to use it. There are also instructions on the Amazon page on how to use this particular style of neti pot. I use mine every day and it has really made a difference! It can be a bit scary on the first try, but keep on at it and you will notice that you don't feel so bunged up! My nose isn't constantly streaming and I think it's a good idea to wash out your sinuses anyway. Especially if you live in a big city like me where the smog can get a bit yukky and you use the Tube a lot!

2. Pollenna tablets

These are homeopathic tablets that I bought from Holland and Barrett's (healthy food shop in the UK). I think they were around £5.00 for 72 tablets which is ok considering you take 3 a day after taking 6 on the first day. At this point I was so miserable that I was willing to spend a million pounds to feel better! After the initial dose I felt instantly more energised and clear headed. My nose wasn't itching and neither were my sinuses, and I wasn't feeling so drained and tired. As a child I had eczema on my hands which disappeared after homeopathic treatment, but whatever you may think of homeopathy, I do believe that in some cases in can work. Even if it's a psychosomatic thing, as long as it's actually working it can't hurt to try out right???

3. Hay Max balm
My Hay Max Aloe Vera balm.
I bought it here.
This last little gem is magic in a pot!!!!! I'm sure some of you may have read in various "How to cope with hay fever" articles that putting vaseline in your nose can help trap the pollen and other irritants before it gets inside your sinuses. I was a bit sceptical of that theory at first  so initially thought that Hay Max probably wouldn't work at all and it was all just a clever scam (I was especially sceptical after seeing the £7.25 price tag).

But!! As soon as I started using it, I stopped sneezing every 30 seconds (may I add that I would sometimes triple sneeze.... in danger of inhaling my hair as they were sometimes so violent!) and I felt more in control! I did start using it at the same time as the Pollenna tablets so it's hard to say which one is more effective, but all these 3 things as a combo are working a treat!!

I do have to add that I was already using conventional anti-histamines and a herbal tablet called Quercetin which were not having too much of an effect on me, but I have continued to use them with everything I mentioned above. I am not prepared to feel like crap again!! Maybe they're all working together against the evil pollen tirade on my body or maybe it's just one of them working super hard. Whatever it is they're all keeping me feeling tip top at the moment and I hope that this helps you or someone you know (pass it on to them.. they will be grateful trust me!!)

If you have any questions just e-mail me  at or leave a comment below.

Wig Wam xx


  1. Awesome products!!! I love the neti-pot! That's the only one of the 3 that I've used. I wonder if I can find the other two around here...

    1. I hope so.... they are life-savers. Although I should now add that my steroid (yes, STEROID!!) nose spray is also a wonder drug. I think I am addicted to all of them hehe!!!


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