Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dotty matte nails

Heeeey Everyone!!

Today's nails are pretty simple and are a variation of "interview" nails. AKA nudey nails so as not to offend the interviewers. Apparently it did offend them as I was "pipped to the post" by another candidate and didn't get the job. After 45 mins of solid crying and a trip to Yo Sushi (my Dad's way of consoling moi) I was over it. So instead of having a reminder of how I lost out on the job on my nails, I decided to jazz them up. I will say now that I have been feeling particularly uninspired and unmotivated to do anything new on my nails for a while... I also lost ALL my dotting tools recently (cue the bobby pin) and have no money (NO job innit) to buy some cool striper brushes. I have no clue whether I am good at nail art, but being sans brushes I feel like I will never know...

Enough rant.

More nails!

Actually wait, maybe more rant. I have a question for you nail-lovers: does anyone else find that China Glaze Matte Magic shrinks your nail colour? I used it in the above photos before going to sleep and upon waking I found that the colour had shrunk in from the tips and made the colour sort of lift up and off the nail around the cuticles. Is this a common problem? Or maybe I put too much on??? 

Thanks for viewing!! And have a lovely week ahead! I will be back soon......

Wig Wam xx

PS I am suuper excited about the nails I literally just changed to. Excited to write the post yeyy!!


  1. Oh no :( Well, I think your nail look fab! Hmm I've never tried the China Glaze Matte polish...

    1. Yeah maybe don't... it kinda ruins the whole edges of the mani!


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