Monday, 31 October 2011

I don't like animals but I like guinea pigs for my artistic stylings.

Hellooo Readers! 

These past few days have been a bit nail-centric on the family front. Suddenly all female relatives have realised that I quite like doing other people's nails, and I have been inundated with requests! 

So my auntie asked for something different and gave me free reign. Which of course means trying out my new dotting tools!! Now, I don't know if any of you own dotting tools but I was a bit sceptical at first. They are literally little metal rods with balls on the end (like ziiis one over here) and I thought PAH I can make my own. Buut I couldn't be bothered so voila - dotting tools ahoy! 

In the end I used 2 coats of my colour of the moment (the turquoise Rimmel number) with a cheapo H&M yellow. I have since realised that to be successful with a dotting tool you have to have quite a bit of polish on the end. Not soo much that it is dripping, but a good amount! I finished them off with a bit of Seche Vite to lock it all in place. Sadly auntie decided to take 4 month old cousin for a bath and ruined the old nails.

And TA-DA!! Here are the finished nails (unfortunately post said incident):

Wig Wam xx

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