Monday, 31 October 2011

To bee or not to bee a fox. That is the question.

Hello Readers!

Apologies for the terrible title. You'll see what I mean when you see this next set of claws I got my paws on. Remember I said female relatives were queueing up for some pampering? Weelll cue in my sister and her friend who visited from Brighton Uni at the weekend and BAM! Offers for blank nail canvases. They both have much smaller nails than me so it was interesting to work with a smaller area!

My sis plumped for some of my new love interests, the rhinestones and her fave colour yellow:

H&M cheapy yellow, ebay rhinestones and goldish fox ring sister purchased from the BINTM live event at the Excel
On the other hand (no, literally on her other hand) sis opted for a bee design, which I painted on with the Model's Own black WAH pen. I decided to do a cute little trajectory of the bee's flightpath on the other nails like so:

Topped off of course with a little Seche Vite. 

Next up, sister's friend who we shall call D, saw photos of my ladybird design (I shall post it in due time) and loved it so we decided for a little variation on the nails with a little help from my new found proficiency in the wielding of a dotting tool. Like so:

All 3 of us were almost overcome by cuteness when we saw these little ladybirds on their leaf. What do you think?? Cute or what??

We ended up having a bit of a nail catwalk. Don't even ask. 

Wig Wam xx


  1. These came out so awesome :D My favorites are the yellow nails from your sister with the rhinestones, yellow suits her!

  2. my sissy and i paint our nails together too!!! we have nail dates LOL the catwalk is so cute! love it!!!


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