Monday, 24 October 2011

Oo first post. How exciting!

Helloo internet readers!

Having spent the last 4 weekends holed up at home thanks to a ridiculous number of consecutive colds, I became a little hermit being forced to live vicariously through the medium of the internet. I had of course, heard of blogs and blogging but never thought much of it until faced with not being allowed out of the house for fear of making the colds worse. After coming across many a wonderful blog (mostly about nails, fashion, beauty and cute DIY ideas) I thought why not give it a try myself?? Everybody needs a little creative outlet don't they? So here is my first little (or not so little) post just to ease me into the kingdom of blog world. Tis my first go at proper nail art. Leopard-print stylee. I hope you like!

Wig Wam xx

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