Tuesday, 13 December 2011

25 days of christmas challenge.... condensed into a few!!

Helloo Readers!!!

First on the agenda: apologies for being so rubbish at this challenge. It's almost as though as soon as I started it, I got ridiculously busy at work and had no time to be nailing about!

Second on the agenda: I've realised I will have to concede to defeat with this challenge, as I really don't think I'll be able to get it all done!!

Sooo as a peace offering to the Christmas nail elves, I have made a little selection of the Christmas days (basically all the ones I can actually do!!)

Day 5: Christmas gradient
Using Rimmel Riviera Red and Colorclub gingerbread
Day 7 Christmas glitter nails
Using Colorclub sugarplum fairy
Day 3 red and green nails (fashioned into a Christmas tree of course!)
Using Rimmel Riviera Red, Barry M Mint Green and Nails Inc St Moritz
Day 17 Present Nails
Using Barry M Mint Green and Rimmel Riviera Red
Day 6 Christmas Stripes (reminiscent of candy canes)
Using Rimmel Riviera Red and Pamela Grant Manicure Fancesa
Day 8 Christmas Dotting
Using Colorclub Gingerbread, Rimmel Riviera Red (oh but of course!),
 Barry M Mint Green, Barry M NP150 and Colorclub Holiday Splendor

And so there are my Christmas offerings for this year! Not quite finished the challenge but at least I tried :)

What do you all think?

Wig Wam xx


  1. I was starting to worry about you and thinking maybe the challenge got the better of you! :) You made an attempt, that's all that matters! :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog to see what it is about!

  2. AWW no way! Thank youuuu! I've had a look at ur blog post and am sliightly confused as to the protocol. Now do I have to nominate people for the Liebster award? Let me know!!

    Yes I think the fact that I tried is enough!! Seriously, I started feeling guilty for wanting to paint my nails in a non-Christmas-challenge way!!! I am now sporting lovely blue nails. Post to follow :)

  3. I love the polish you used for day 7!

  4. Wig wam, you are artist!! I like your mani!
    You are welcome to see my blog :)

  5. @whimsical glam YES! Isn't that varnish errrrmazing?? I'm struggling to paint my nails any other colour tehe!!

    @ministyle thankyouuuu for the comment :)

  6. Love the glitter particularly. Your application is super precise, which I find is always a problem with glitters looking sloppy. Great job!

  7. I love the glitter polish super pretty!!


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