Friday, 2 December 2011

25 days of Christmas challenge!!!

Hello Readers!

Well I have unwittingly taken on the 25 day Christmas challenge as proposed by A Girl and Her Polish!! And due to lack of e-mail reading I am slightly late on the uptake!

Here is the challenge in full:

25 Days of Christmas Challenge
Day 1 – Red Nails
Day 2 – Green Nails
Day 3 – Red and Green Nails
Day 4 – Red and White Nails
Day 5 - Christmas Gradient

Day 6 – Christmas Stripes
Day 7 – Christmas Glitter Nails
Day 8 – Christmas Dotting
Day 9 – Gingerbread
Day 10 – Christmas Plaid

Day 11 – Christmas Taping
Day 12 – Poinsettia Nails
Day 13 – Christmas Half Moons
Day 14 – Christmas Watermarble
Day 15 – Santa Nails

Day 16 – Present Nails
Day 17 – Christmas Lights
Day 18 – Inspired by a Christmas Movie
Day 19 – Inspired by a Christmas Song
Day 20 – Inspired by a Christmas Story

Day 21 – Christmas Ornaments
Day 22 – Christmas Wreaths
Day 23 – Christmas Trees
Day 24 – Twas the Night Before Christmas
Day 25 – Recreate your favorite Christmas design

So here goes day one. Simple red nails with my favourite red (maybe of all time) by Rimmel:

Rimmel London Lycra Pro in 323 Riviera Red

Day 1 – Red Nails ✓ (Big tick. Done!)

It has just turned midnight here in the UK. I think I might have just got away with day one!!!

What do you think? Is anyone else doing the challenge with us? Send pics or links if you're doing it (and are as concerned as I am about whether you can complete it or not!!) 

Wig Wam xx

PS Day 2 may be late as I won't be home at all tomorrow. Let's just say this challenge may be backdated at times :)


  1. WOO!HOO!! You made day one!!! Only 24 days left! :)

  2. oh man, some of these sound hard!!! but im sure you'll pull it off!! keep it going i wanna see the pretty designs you come up with!

  3. Ohh I'm scared I won't be able to do it!! I mean gingerbread..... really?!? All I'm envisaging is a little gingerbread man so far :D Sunny are you doing it too?

  4. i might do it yeah..cuz after finals i have nothing else to do lol but i might havta double some days just to catch up!!

  5. Tell me about it!! I've been so busy, the design posts are gonna be in dribs and drabs!! ope you can join meee too!!

  6. Oh what a fun idea!!! Some of them look challenging, like the wreaths! Can't wait to see more!


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