Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Color Club: Beyond the Mistletoe Christmas collection!

Hello Readers!

On the way home from a day off spent squidging my 5 month old cousin, I had a little look in my local TK Maxx for a cardigan. Bit of a fruitless search for the cardie but I stumbled upon some nail varnish bargains!!! I came across this Christmas set of Color Club varnishes:

Let's do some maths here!!
 £8.00 ÷ 7 bottles = £1.15 per bottle -- TOTAL BARGAIN!! Now let's see the results. I've had to use my mum's hand as I only painted my nails with a lovely midnight blue colour just yesterday.

Holiday splendor
Sugarplum fairy
Candy cane
Beyond the mistletoe

As formulas go, these polishes painted on really well. Only gingerbread, beyond the mistletoe and candy cane needed 2 coats for a perfectly sparkly look. With a little top coat I think they would all be perfecto for winter and Christmas!

 On my mum's other hand are a few nail designs that I was trying out and she insisted on showing them in the blog tehe!! So here is a photo:

I've never used Color Club before as I think it is much more popular in the US than over here in the UK.
 So what do you think of the glitters? 
And what do you think of Color Club?

Wig Wam xx

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