Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Poached Eggies

Hello Readers!

So this week I tried out the strawberry Barry M and I have to say I wasn't very impressed... It really didn't suit my skin tone so I decided to 'fix it' with a bit of a tape mani with a lovely glittery varnish that has no name (I used it in my tape mani in my second ever post!) It still came out pretty rubbish so before showing you lot how they came out, I'll show you my amazing breakfast I made this morning so the mani won't look as bad!!!!

Today's breakfast: Poached eggs on toast with Brittany butter infused with rock salt crystals

Worst nails I've done in a while!! Apologies.

I took a day off work so that my cold germs stay at home rather than infect my co-workers, so I decided to have a yummilicious breakfast that I usually wouldn't be bothered or have time to make. Cue in mine and my dad's breakfast that we eat together and BAM! Poached eggies on toast. Yuuumm! Buttery and salty yey! And I'm not even gonna talk about the disaster nails. Not even a last ditch attempt of layering China Glaze Matte Magic helped them. Methinks one of my 'get better' activities today will be to re-do my nails.

Bon appetit!

Wig Wam xx

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