Thursday, 5 January 2012

What my sister did....

Hey Everyone!!

Nail fever has hit my family. My sister Pea and her friend Dee have gone nail crazy and bought a bunch of nail art pens even before I did!!! They are design students and decided to use the pens to make some money at a fair for their department at uni, and this is what happened when they were let loose on the public's nails...... (click on the photos to make zem bigger!)

"Flower Power"

"Penguins and robins'

A design for the owner of a dalmatian called Pablo

"Pacman numero uno"

"Pacman numero dos"

"Brighton Beach"

'Leafy Greens"

Random selection on my nails (and that's a monkey not a bear!!)

Random selection on my nails including cotton wool fluff (I was about to remove the designs!!)
Apparently most of them took only 15 mins to do which I thought was amazing!! What do you think of their attempts? 

Wig Wam xx

1 comment:

  1. I love all these different designs, all so super cute!! I wish I was artsy enough to be able to do that.

    Hey could you vote for me to be the next Rimmel 10? I'm Megan M. All the infos on my blog!


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