Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fingers crossed


I just need to share my relief at having finally submitted a job application (after about 3 days of worrying about it). It feels so good just to have it out there!! All I have to do now is wait... and hope upon hope that I get an interview because I frankly hate my customer service job at a well-known travel company... ahem cough cough!

So that is my thought of the day. And also means I will have a spare 30mins for a new mani tonight and therefore new photos for you guys tomorrow.

On another note has anyone got a good recommendation for a stamping kit? I'm an eager beaver to start stamping as all the designs I've seen look so amazing!!

For now I will leave you guys with a photo of freezing London I took a few weeks ago on one of my many photographic jaunts around the city.

Wig Wam xx


  1. loads to read.. lovely blog... so simple and clean...your newest follower from bloggers:) ilike skin care

  2. Thanks for reading!! Keep your eyes peeled for some non nail-related blogs too...! I have a few reviews up my sleeve :) and yes I realise I haven't posted when I said I would but sometimes work and social engagements take their toll. What a hard life I lead hehehe.


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