Friday, 3 February 2012

Leopards sometimes change their spots... to become tigers!

Hi All!

Today is 'sharemycurrentnails' day so here they are:

The orange is some random little nail varnish I found at Beauty Base in the Whiteley's shopping centre in Bayswater (Londres). There was a crazy special offer on for about 300 different varnish colours (I kid you not dear readers!) where each one was 99p. I couldn't resist! So here is what 'shock' by L.A. Colors looks like. Yeah I know, I have never heard of this brand either but it was too cheap not to buy. I had to paint FIVE layers to achieve even this thin-ish opacity but I still reckon I could have spent my 99p in a worse way (ahem, twix bar).

Have any of you heard of or used this brand before??

Wig Wam xx


  1. How cute! Nice and different. I've never heard of the brand before

  2. Yeah I don't think they're exactly amazing but with a little Seche Vite, anything stays on for ages!

  3. We get L.A. Colors here in Canada. They are equivalent to like Wet and Wild, or Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (do you get those either?!) I have quite a few L.A. Colors and love them. Your mani is super cute!

  4. @Anne Ohh interesting! I am yet to try the other colours. Yeah we do get Sally Hansen here but not Wet and Wild. When I try the other ones I'll make a post and see if you agree with my experiences of them.


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