Saturday, 26 May 2012

Watermelon nails

Heyy Readers!

My cousin is over here from Australia and asked if I would do a cute design on her nails. She came up with the idea of watermelons as she's just ended a study abroad year in Mexico, and she reckoned watermelons were Mexican enough to help with the separation anxiety she was feeling from leaving.

This is how you have to eat when your nail art is drying!! 

Careful maneuvers are necessary to avoid nail spoilage.   

Watermelons in their natural habitat with fellow fruit.

They were fairly easy to do. All you need is:

♥a red polish
♥a green polish (I used a striper)
♥a black polish with dotting tool or a nail art pen
♥top coat 

Start with a red base then use the green striper for the tips of the nails to form the skin of the watermelon. You can use a lighter green for some highlighting to make the skin look more realistic but I didn't have enough colours that blended well enough. Next you use the black polish/art pen to make the seeds. These were kinda tricky to make uniform but you get the hang of it in the end. Make a dot, then sweep slightly upwards. 

And voila! Watermelon nails!

As a side note, I would say that if you can, use a slightly more pinkish red as my Dad thought they were strawberries. NO they are not!! So for a more distinct watermelon look, I would go for a pinky red :)

Thanks for reading, Nail-Lovers!

Wig Wam xx


  1. Adorable!
    I avoid eating after nail art :P It never ends well :D

    1. Or having a shower!! I just did a gradient on my nails and am putting off having a shower as I speak!

  2. Hi again!
    I have an award for you on my blog.

  3. Cute watermelon mani! I love it!

  4. Super cute. I still have to try to do it someday the watermelon design myself :)

    1. Thanks!! There's something so cute about fruity nails!!


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