Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nails Inc, Queensgate Terrace // Wig Wam back from Latitude


I'm back after a looovely long weekend at Latitude Festival! I got to stay in a private area where I got treated like a celeb. Not even joking. We were cooked breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening to order. And there was a group of people just a bit younger than me at the house, and it took me aages to realise that they had been hired there to serve us drinks and respond to our demands....!!!!! So me and mes amis took it upon us to order pints, yes pints, of wine. I mean, it would have been rude to say no and it made it less boring for the people working there... right??

I really enjoyed the festival as it was soo laid back and actually quite family-oriented. Here are a couple of bands that I enjoyed watching the most:

Dingus Khan // A hilarious band with three drummers, three bassists and an electric ukulele. Pure attitude and comedy!!

I Break Horses // A Swedish group with loads of synth, progressive sounds and a whole load or reverbed vocals. Lovely!
Whilst it was a good weekend for music, it was a shocking one for nails. They pretty much got destroyed and ripped to bits over the 5 days so one of the first things I did when I got home was to re-paint! I wanted something quick, opaque and a one-coater so plumped for a polish I haven't shown you yet.
Not the most amazing piccies ever (cuticles in a bit of a state and visible nail lines, eek!) but I did them in a rush as I had to go out straight after coming back! It's a really pretty colour and the bar man last night said he liked them. I will take that as an excellent sign.

Thanks for reading, yo!

Wig Wam xx


  1. Oh it sounded amazing!!

    Btw did you ever get that arsenal scarf finished for poor Arthur? :P

    1. Ohh well I was doing SO well this week (I got through 2 balls of wool) and then got invited out of the blue to come to the festival and then I was ill so it's on hold.... luckily he didn't know I was trying to get it finished for his bday......!! Yes. Poor Arthur.

  2. Ooh sounds, and looks, like it was amazing! hehe aw. Your nails look great!

    1. Yeah brilliant weekend!!! Trust me, under the paint is a terrible state of affairs.


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