Saturday, 12 May 2012

Birthday suit nails


I'm a bit slow on the style uptake, and it is actually probably quite passé now but I decided to try a really neutral shade out. My auntie calls it mushroom but I guess nude will do! 

Model's Own Nude Beige
Please excuse the dirty mirror

This is only my second Model's Own nail varnish and I have to say they are really easy to apply. Not gloopy or streaky and very opaque so you don't always need 2 coats. I just feel safer if I do!!

I realised that this kind of colour makes your hand look extra long and almost like Disney princess hands!???! Look at Belle's hands:
In other nail related news I have just ordered myself some lovely nail decals after reading Sunny's post and seeing her frankly beautiful nail art. I am tres excited nail-lovers! As soon as they arrive I am slapping them on and posting about it!! I also have a shedload of new bits and pieces I bought from a shop in Guadalajara in Mexico that I need to try out. Me and The Sis were in heaven when we chanced on a WHOLE STREET dedicated to nail art supplies!! So now I have lots of mini fruit slices and gold foils (I'm not really sure how to use the foils?!) Coming soon in a post near you!!

Wig Wam xx


  1. Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment! :D I had to check out your blog and omg! Your nails and your pics are amazing! I'm a new follower to your blog as well!
    This color looks so good on you! I really with Models Own polishes were more available in the states...

    1. Yeah they are pretty cool and quite often there are good offers on them. What I would love over here is Klean Color!! I'm obsessed with trying to find the glittery ones here!! Thanks for following. I'm gonna try be a bit more regular with my posts :)

  2. Excited about the nail foils!
    I haven't tried models own but they do have some beautiful colours!

    1. I am a bit confused on nail foils hehe. Methinks a little bit of tutorial-reading will occur!


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