Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fruit Pastels..

Hello Readers!

About 3 months ago I opened the new look edition of Company magazine and almost threw up when I saw all the pastel colours dominating the pages. I seriously thought "WHO would wear colours like that?!" 

But since then I have had to eat some humble pie and have realised that pastels look GREAT on nails. That, or the fashion industry has infiltrated my brain godammit!! Pretty much after the purchase of my lovely candymintapple Essie I have luuurved pastels on nails. Especially since it brings out your tan, ohh yeahhh!
Colours used: Model's Own Lilac Dream, Nails Inc Wellington Square, Essie Candy Mint Apple

Natural light

What do you lot think? Pastels for the win??

Wig Wam xx

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