Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rimmel Rock Your Glitter top coat

Heyyyy Readers!

So the other day when my mani was pretty old and chipping away (one week old!!) I was dragging a male friend through the beauty stands at Boots and came across Rimmel's Rock Your Glitter top coat and decided I would "test it out" on erm.... ALL my nails. Sneeeaky! I just about managed to use it on all my nails before a security guard came over to tell me off. Oh the shame!!

Please excuse the shoddiness of the mani!!
It was really easy to apply and super quick. Well, I had to be quick as the security guard came hovering over!!! I would recommend it if you want a little subtle glittery finish to your mani or if you want to make it a bit special. A bit too subtle for me so I ended up getting the polish you can see on the ring finger which is Miss Sporty's Sparkle Touch polish. Plus it was only £1.99!

What do you guys reckon of the finish?

Wig Wam xx


  1. lol funny story. Looks great!!

  2. Behind every nail polish there lies a story.... hehe!


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