Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hangover Nails - stripy stripes

Heeey Dearies!!

Today's nails are so named because it just so happens that these are the nails of the day and I have a stinking hangover (it is 6.30pm here in London... that's how bad it is!)

They're pretty much the same nails as I had in my last post below, with some added stripes. A great way to update a mani if you just can't be bothered to go to too much effort!!

It's the third time I've used the striping tape I bought from ebay all the way from Hong Kong via this seller. I tried using the tape to create clean lines but even after putting tonnes of top coat it still kinda peeled off after a few hours and ruined the mani! Annoying!! Lots of other bloggers have had similar reports so I reckon the best way to use the tape is for laying it down, painting over the top and then removing them to reveal the colour underneath. You can see a photo of the striping tapes in this post. What do you lot think about striping tape? Any strong opinions out there?

I've also been having fun playing around on Picasa thanks to Alexis from xoxoalexisleigh, which is why the photos look kinda cosmic!! Normally I don't tweak the colours so that you lot can get an accurate representation of the colours I use, but since a black can only really black I played with these ones!

I went to Hyde Park yesterday for a picnic gin and tonic sesh and watched the jubilee concert on big screens. I hate the monarchy and could not give a sheet about the queen, but there was a great atmosphere yesterday so in that way it was a nice day/evening out!!

Hope everyone has had a good week!!

Wig Wam xx


  1. Very cute mani! Hope you get some rest.

  2. Aw thanks! I only brought it on myself though.. serves me right! Actually, I blame the queen!!!

  3. Great mani for having a hangover. Eek. lol. Hopefully you're feeling better now :D
    I love the way your pictures are! They look artsy hehe.
    I've used striping tape and left them on as designs themselves...I've yet to try it this way. I should try and see if the lines come out ok!

    1. Did you find that the tape peeled off though?? Sooo annoying!

    2. both times ive tried it its never worked :( it just peels off the nail varnish and makes the lines look messies

    3. Oh no Figgy Lane!!! I try and peel off as SOON as I've applied the polish.

  4. haha yay shoutout! ;) Thanks!

  5. Very pretty! Bummer that it didn't last.


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