Saturday, 2 June 2012

No 7 Me! Me! Me! - barbie style

Hey Everyone!! 

Last week my nails get super duper long so I decided to use my new No 7 polish to Barbie-fy them! Those of you in the UK I'm sure you know that the £5 Boots voucher is really handy when you want to buy a polish on a budget. I snapped this one up for a mere £2.50. As with the other No 7 polish I own, I found it to be slightly streaky and needed a good 2 or 3 coats to get a smooth colour. I added some hearts with a white nail art pen to make it extra girly and sickening haha!!

Thanks for le read!

Wig Wam xx


  1. lol! Your nails look fabulous! This is super girly!! Haha. I LOVE it! Those tiny hearts are adorable... :D

  2. this is so cute! i love that's its not overdone (:

    1. Hehe thanks!! Was maybe a bit too OTT girly for moi... not enough irony in the mani to get away with it!!


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