Monday, 11 June 2012

No 7 offers galore! Day, night and BB creams ahoy!

Heeeey Mateys!!

I've just won a race against time today!! I found an amazing internship opportunity at a social policy research company and started preparing my application before quickly realising that OH NO! The due date was in 3 hours. Man I haven't written that fast since my final exams at uni. I am on edge and even typing a bit toooo fast right now (I had a full sugar coke and a bana muffin and a banana and a pitta bread and a nettle tea) phew! Anyways I managed to get it in with 3 minutes to spare! So I am winding down by writing this post.

Yesterday I went out on a little shopping/walking trip around London with my good friend Budge who I hadn't seen in months!! We are great shopping buddies as she is good at opinions on clothes and especially make-up. She also has such lovely nice perfect cuticuled nails and I'm always trying to get her to be in this blog but her nails are shy.

Anyways, we wandered into Boots 3 times (yes it was all in search for a well-stocked Essie counter for the elusive Turks and Caicos) and ended up cashing in on the 3 for 2 offer across all their No 7 products. The best thing is that you can use that £5 voucher you receive when you spend over £5 instore. So let me show you what I bought!

In le box

Now, there are 2 reasons why I'm not giving you before and after shots:

1. You can't really photograph what happens with creams very well. It's all about the feeeel baby!
2. I am terrified of having my WHOLE face plastered over the internet. EEK!

So you will have to make do with my descriptions!!

Day cream: Lovely fresh flowery smell and super moisturising. Felt very luxurious compared to my usual non-oil Simple moisturiser.

Night cream: Smooooth on the skin and in the morning I looked refreshed and my skin was so soft! Slightly different smell which is kinda strong I suppose. I liked it but Budge wasn't fussed either way.

BB cream: Normally I use Bare Minerals foundations but I'm getting a bit sick of the same look, and sometimes you just want to look a bit more flawless than the powders allow. This BB cream goes on really well and blended better than expected in all the blemishy bits of my face. It didn't cling to any dry parts either, really moisturised my skin and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing make-up at all. Which I guess is the point! Also cos it has a built in concealer, you don't need concealer under your eyes unless you've really had a rough night the night before hehehe!

Out le box
And all for £20!!! They are all lovely products so I would defs recommend them. Another good thing is that No 7 has quite a good range of BB creams depending on your skin needs: oily/dry/combination etc.

I hope someone out there has found this useful, even without photos!! If you have any questions then e-mail moi or leave a comment below.

Wig Wam xx


  1. did you find any nail polish after all of that? :P

    The only no7 product I have tried is the cleanser with the muslin cloth. That's actually really good!!

    Maybe next time you could just include a swatch of the cream on your hand just to show its consistency :)

    1. I tried the cream on my hand and it looked ridiculous and terrible :-s the subtlety was too much Roisin!!

      Hahaha yes I usually do get the No 7 nail stuff but I thought I would try a new skincare regime!!

  2. Great haul hun! I have never tried there skincare before, have heard lots about it mind! Hope you do a review soon!

    Also I really like the packaging of the creams for some reason hehe They look lovely!

    1. Makes them look super-luxe doesn't it? I suppose I have done a mini review above... I just can't seem to photograph these creams properly! You gotta try it to believe it but I couldn't resist showing it aaaaall off! My skin feels so nice and soft and glowey! BB cream for the win!

    2. I'm using the Garnier BB cream right now and I loved it at first but now I notice that it sticks to my dry skin badly. It was the same with my Burt's Bees day cream. Things like that take me ages to judge lol It's good to know that you love them already though!

    3. Oh too true! Good point! I think I just got a BIT excited!!! Not often that products work so nicely on the first go :) You're right though... I will call this "Initial Thoughts" and maybe come back to it after a few weeks with my research findings ;)

  3. Oooh great products for a god price? Score!! :D
    So when do you hear back about the internship? Seems exciting :)

  4. They look amazing! You have an awesome blog going on:) Go ahead & check my page if you like. & Maybe we can follow each other,


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